Secure Retirement for a Career of Service

We support the YWCA’s mission to eliminate racism and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

YWCARF's sole purpose is to provide employees of participating YWCA associations with retirement benefits. We were one of the first pension plans for women, and we predate Social Security.

Did you know? We match 40% of your association's monthly retirement credit.

If your YWCA association contributes 10% per month, YWCARF will credit your account with 14% before interest.


A chart that shows the growth of your retirement investment over time, based on our 40% match.

Take the uncertainty out of retirement planning with an annuity, an income guaranteed to last a lifetime.

YWCARF offers six monthly payment options for life, and you can elect to share your YWCA legacy with a loved one.

News & Updates

June 12, 2024

Join the YWCA USA Leadership and Capacity Building Livestream, June 13 

Rise and shine for "Mission Forward: Empowering Movement Leaders" live from Atlanta at 8am EST. Follow along and use hashtags #YWCAMovementLeaders and #YWCALCBI24 to spread the word! Read more

May 23, 2024

Share Your Juneteenth 2024 Event! 

Are you planning an event for June 19? Let YWCA USA know and help spread the word on their web and social media. Read more

April 15, 2024

Register for YWCA USA and YWCA Boston's Racial Justice Series 

Sign up by Friday, April 19 for four sessions on understanding racial equity, the intersection of identities, opportunities for cultural and organizational change, and implicit bias. Read more