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    A1 - Authorization for Optional Employee After-Tax Contributions

    Would you like to increase your retirement benefit by making optional after-tax contributions? Use this form to opt in, and select the amount you would like to have deducted from your paycheck.

    AFD - Application for Distribution

    If you're eligible to receive a distribution from your retirement account, use this form to tell us how you would like us to pay your benefit.

    Association Profile Form

    When key positions change at your Association (such as the appointment of a new Executive Director), submit this form to keep us up to date.

    B1 - Designation of Beneficiary

    It's very important that we know who is eligible to receive your account benefits in the event of your death. Use this form to designate, or change, your beneficiary.

    AMA - Application for Monthly Annuity

    To avoid any delays in receiving your benefits, make sure you submit this form with your elected annuity type at least one month before your retirement date.

    AUT - Automatic Refund/Direct Rollover Election

    If you have left YWCA employment and have a YWCARF account that's valued at $5,000 or less, use this form to authorize a direct payment or a rollover.

    CF - Change Form

    Did you change your name, move, or get married? Help us keep our records accurate by submitting updates with this form.

    DBE - Death Benefit Election

    If you are the beneficiary of a deceased YWCARF participant, use this form to elect how you would like to receive benefits.

    EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer

    To receive your monthly annuity payments by direct deposit, use this form to provide us with your bank details.

    RTH - Request for Release of Information to a Third Party

    We would never release your information to a third party without your permission. To authorize a representative, you must complete and notarize this form.

    CSN - Change in Status Notice

    When the status of an employee at your Association changes, due to termination of employment or unpaid leave of absence, let us know with this form.

    ECR - Election of Contribution Rate

    Associations must elect their annual contribution rates and submit them to us using this form by October 31st each year.

    NOE - Notification of Enrollment

    To enroll an eligible employee in YWCARF, the Association must complete this form and submit together with the participant's completed Designation Of Beneficiary (B1).

    PA - Participation Agreement

    Associations must complete this form to commence or resume participation in YWCARF.

    REN - Return to Employment

    To report a participant's return to active status, following rehiring or return from unpaid leave of absence, Associations must submit this form.