Your YWCARF and YWCA National 403(b) Program: Perfect Together

    The YWCA National 403(b) Plan from Mutual of America lets you supplement your retirement savings with pre-tax contributions.

    Personal Savings and Retirement

    For YWCA employees, retirement savings can be thought of as a three-legged stool: YWCA Retirement Fund pension, Social Security, and personal savings. Whatever gap remains between retirement needs and the first two sources of income must be made up by personal savings.

    Optional Employee Contributions

    The YWCA Retirement Fund is a cash balance defined benefit plan, and therefore prohibited by the U.S. Department of Labor from accepting pre-tax optional contributions from participants. However, Fund participants may choose to make optional after-tax contributions through monthly payroll deductions.

    To offer YWCA employees the opportunity to make optional pre-tax contributions, with no eligibility requirements, Fund Management assisted YWCA USA in selecting Mutual of America (MoA) as provider of a national 403(b) program.

    Mutual of America: 403(b)

    The MoA National 403(b) Program allows YWCA employees to make both pre-tax and post-tax contributions to their retirement savings at no cost to associations.

    At a Glance


    Participation in the National 403(b) Program is only available to employees of YWCAs that enroll in the program (each YWCA must enroll separately).

    YWCA leaders seeking additional information or wishing to enroll should contact:

    Joseph Berbenich
    Account Representative
    Tel: 443-410-7202

    YWCA employees seeking information about their accounts should contact:

    Kevin Nulty, CRPS

    Participant Account Representative
    Tel: 443-410-7198