Our Best-Kept Secret: The 40% Match

    A locked-in monthly addition to your account.

    Your YWCA association makes a monthly contribution to your retirement account based on your compensation. That contribution then accrues interest provided by the Fund, calculated annually using the average of 10-year Treasury securities for the month of October in the preceding year.

    But did you know that YWCARF credits your account monthly with an additional 40% of your association’s contribution?

    While the interest your account receives is dependent on the investment markets, the 40% match is locked in. This very important step in your account growth impacts your monthly contribution as below.

    Participants who are not considered Highly Compensated Employees can make additional after-tax contributions on a monthly basis. Find out more.

    For more information on how your YWCARF account is structured, we invite you to watch this short video.