Join The Movement

July 20, 2020

For more than 160 years, YWCA has advocated for equal pay, immigration reform, voting rights, and many other issues that impact women, girls, and people of color. Now YWCAs in more than 1,000 communities nationwide are asking YOU to take the pledge to help continue:

  • Providing safe, affordable, and reliable child care and early childhood education for more than 200,000 kids annually.
  • Working to protect voting rights, fight voter suppression, and help build political power in our communities.
  • Advocating for policies that help eliminate stereotypes, biases, and racist power dynamics from our justice system – so everyone has equal opportunity and protection under the law.
  • Delivering economic empowerment programs that serve more than 122,000 women, helping to close the wealth gap and create opportunities for BIPOC communities.
  • Providing health, safety, and wellness programs to more than 900,000 women and girls – and advocating for policies that support them.

To become an advocate for change, take the pledge today.