Self Service & New Retirement Estimator Coming Soon!

February 11, 2021

    We’re about to add a host of new self-services features to our site. Here's how they will assist you in managing your YWCARF account.

    The new YWCA Retirement Fund website is just the beginning. We're about to roll out a host of new self-service features that will allow real-time access to accounts, and ensure seamless communication between our staff, participants, and Fund administrators.

    Additionally, look out for a new and improved Retirement Fund Estimator that allow you to make projections about your benefits.


    Via an online portal, participants will have full access to their account balances, historical data, and other important Fund information. They will also have the ability to easily track and manage their accounts and update their personal details, from banking information to beneficiaries.


    Retirement plan administrators at YWCAs will have access to a number of features, including the ability to view and download demographic participant data for their association and perform searches for employees who are already participants.

    The portal will also provide a more efficient way to send documents, files, and invoices to the Fund.

    As always, our staff is here to support you as we roll out these changes. We will send a letter via postal mail to participants with instructions on how to activate their online accounts. And our Association Services team will be in touch with administrators early next year to complete their registration.

    If you have any questions or experience any difficulties setting up your account, please contact us.